Everything you need to know for your first auction

We realize that to some people an auction might be a daunting experience and that not everybody
is a seasoned auction buyer. Not to worry - our East London auction staff are on hand to help you.

Auction East London Auctioneers & Appraisers O'Connors

Your first time?? Get Online!

Gone are the days of the live auctions since COVID19 has changed the world. Although there are many people who miss the excitement of the face to face bidding, the Online Auction buzz is quickly making its impact.


O'Connor Auctioneers currently run all our auctions via the Venduehost Platform being www.venduehost.net. Each auction will get its own unique number and terms and conditions. Reading through those terms is a vital part of taking part in the auction so that you make yourself familiar to what you are agreeing to registering for the auction. You will only need to create an account once and thereafter will use your same username and password for every auction. Once the auction goes live, all the lots will be online to view as well as a catalogue. You can then log on and register for the auction and our banking details will be sent to you via email. Bidders can also pay via card payment at our premises. Once your money has reflected in our account we will accept your registration and you will be ready to bid.  We prefer that if possible you familiarise yourself with all the lots at the auction before deciding what you are interested in by coming to our offices and physically viewing the items. That way you can also take down the various lot numbers you are interested in and bid on them from the comfort of your home or office. Often, there is more than one lot that is similar available. Make sure that you have a good look at what you are buying. Be sure to understand the deposit and terms of payment for each auction you attend.

We have a team of staff at our premises or via the phone happy to assist you in getting registered and explaining the ins and out of bidding online. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. 

Each lot is numbered and displayed with as much information as we have about the item however as per our terms nothing on auction is guaranteed. Once you are keen on a particular lot, you will click on it, type in your bid and press submit.  Don’t be shy by waiting for the last opportunity to bid, you might lose out.

Once knocked down to you, items cannot be cancelled. When there are multiples of the same items (Lots), they are bid on and purchased per item.

No purchases can be removed during the auction. No sales are subject to you, the buyer, getting finance; you must have the money available.

Only bid for yourself. Bidding prices from time to time do not include VAT. Please be sure to read the conditions of sale. Whether a fixed property, or a movable asset, there are a number of conditions under which you bid.

Auction East London Auctioneers & Appraisers O'Connors


Once the auction is complete and all the lots have closed you will receive a bid notification and an email with an invoice for lots you have won. If you were unsuccessful you can send your banking details back to us via email and we will EFT your deposit back to you. Items purchased on auction must be paid for immediately post auction.

Debt Collection East London Auctioneers & Appraisers O'Connors


A paid invoice is required to collect your items.


Bring your paid invoice with you and hand it to one of our staff who will assist you.

Please bring your own labour to load your trucks and pack up your goods. Our staff do not do this for you.

Remember that once knocked down to you, legally an item lies there at your risk. Make sure that you have appropriate insurance if necessary and that you effect payment and collection as soon as possible.

If you need to find out more about how our Auctions work, don’t hesitate to contact our East London auctioneers. Happy Hunting !